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Express GSM Security Products

Our interest in Express GSM security products was based on our assessment of the unique ability of their security alarms to provide a portable security solution for women, both at home and when traveling anywhere in the world. Their premium security Alarm, the Express E3 and companion accessories work only by using battery power. The Express E3 can be carried in your carry on baggage ready to be used anywhere in the world where GSM cell phone service is available. When traveling outside your home country, simply purchase a GSM SIM chip in your destination country for the duration of your stay. Insert it in your Express E3,  program it with the easy to use cell phone app and your self contained Express E3 motion detector is ready to use. Activate it when you leave your room with a key-chain transmitter. It will then silently take a picture of anyone who enters you room, then call your cell phone to alert you and send you a picture of the intruder by email. Since we are focused on women’s issues, we had been aware of the heart breaking story of a young bride from Ireland killed in her hotel room at the Legends Hotel while on her honeymoon on the island nation of The Republic of Mauritius. On Monday January 11, 2011, 27 year old Michaela Harte McAreavey while dining with her newly-wed husband John Mcareavey at the Legends Hotel, left the table to retrieve some chocolate (cakes/cookies) from their hotel room for desert. When she didn’t return her husband went to their room and found her strangled in the bathroom tub. The 27-year-old bride was the daughter of a prominent manager in Gaelic football, Mickey Harte. She had married Gaelic footballer John McAreavey only two weeks earlier on Dec. 30 2010 in Ireland. During the trial of the two suspects who were judged not guilty; after reportedly having first confessed to the crime then subsequently changed their formal plea to not guilty, the grief stricken husband broke down and was told "What are you crying about? You're young... you'll get another wife." A prevailing attitude like this speaks volumes about how women are valued in other societies around the world. It should also give cause for concern as to the outcome of any trial that would ensue in under similar circumstances should such an event occur in other countries that have the same or worse standards of care and treatment of women.    Staying in a Four Star hotel in a “island paradise” does not guarantee your safety. Fine hotels and resorts located in foreign countries may offer a false sense of security as they are often showcased as an oasis of leisure and safety in otherwise less safe surroundings. In a later TV interview, John McAreavey disclosed that during his ongoing effort to obtain justice for his wife’s murder, he had learned that the Legends Hotel had an ongoing history of undisclosed petty theft from guest rooms that hotel management had kept secret. According to material we reviewed online early in the investigation and subsequently removed before the trial, Michaela returned to the couple’s room to find the two accused stealing items from her purse. She attempted to stop the theft and during the struggle she was strangled as the two men attempted to prevent her from calling for help. After killing her they dumped her body in the bathtub. There is an old saying that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care”. Preventing an altercation with the bad guys is usually the best solution if available. The Express E3 has the potential to be a life saver by merely keeping you informed of the status of your hotel room. It is easy to turn it on when leaving and to turn off when you return by using a remote key fob. The Express E3 can be a life saver by keeping you informed of the status of your hotel room. The Express E3 can be used virtually any place in the world where GSM cell phone service is available. It can take pictures in low or no light using the built in infrared flash. It is completely silent but it can also be used with a remote warning siren that is also battery powered. The siren is great if you want to use it in combination with the Express E3 when you are home alone. Your Express E3 will not only take pictures but it can activate the blaring alert to frighten would be intruders. To obtain more information about the Express E3 visit our web site at ExpressGSM-Security.com  For additional information about the McAreavey tragedy view the video links below.
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